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Author’s insights on power offer hope in volatile times

Rebick draws heavily on her involvement with the women's movement in Canada in the early 1980s. She argues that the women's movement was powerful because of its political and personal relevance to women. "'The personal is political,' wasn't just a slogan, it was a lived reality," she writes. "To liberate women, we had to liberate ourselves— our minds, our bodies, and our emotions." It is interesting to note that feminist ideas and practices—specifically, egalitarianism and consensus politics—are among the most influential in the new movements and struggles described in this book. She sites the environmental and peace movements of the 1980s as two of the movements that benefited when feminists joined their ranks.


Recession highlights wage discrepancies in Alberta

More and more families are relying on women's lower wages to make ends meet

This summer, Alberta Finance Minister Iris Evans confirmed that the Government of Alberta is facing a deficit of $6.9 billion due to a drop in natural gas prices. However, the Minister didn't illustrate how Alberta's labour force has been affected by the recession. The picture isn't pretty. According to current Statistics Canada data purchased by Vibrant Communities Calgary, the recession is having a significant impact on the structure of employment in Alberta. One of the many changes is the significant job losses among male workers.