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Nuclear energy for Alberta: Whose idea?

There are only two things in Alberta politics of which I am certain: Energy Minister Mel Knight will keep his word to present Alberta's policy on nuclear energy by the end of the year and, regardless of public input to the contrary, he will announce that nuclear power is the right fit for the province. On May 3, 2007, two days before the Tories cast their ballot for a potential nuclear future for Alberta at their annual convention, EAC and AECL gave a private presentation to Alberta Conservative MLAs.


A Calgary hot tub story

Reflecting on the boom
After explaining what the good folks in the Peace River Country are currently doing to stop the nuclear power nightmare from happening to them, including recent encouraging media coverage, one of my friends grabbed my shoulders. He pleaded with me to tell him when more of this media coverage was coming up to be watched, listened or read so his wife could better understand the contoversy over the planned nuclear plant to be built just west of the Town of Peace River.