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Gender inequality to blame for low wages of Calgary women

Income disparity harms families and can prevent women from leaving abusive situations

Last December, for the first time in three years, Statistics Canada reported an increase in the number of Calgarians failing to earn a living wage. The study found that since 2008, 7,300 more women and 600 more men are low-wage earners. Women now make up almost two-thirds of the 65,000 low-wage earners in Calgary and 65 per cent of these female low-wage earners are over 20 years of age. But women’s low wages should not be understood as a 'woman’s issue,' but rather as something that negatively affects us all.


Hitting the hot buttons on policy issues

Research driven by Albertans
Parkland had an incredibly productive spring and is looking forward to a busy fall. The very popular Taming the Tempest report which was released in March was quickly followed up by the equally popular report, the Spoils of the Boom: Incomes, profits, and poverty in Alberta. Polls showing that the majority of Albertans feel that they themselves are not benefiting from the boom led the Parkland to join forces with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and undertake research on the phenomenon.


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