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Autumn signals political change

Changes at home, and abroad, mean many changes for Albertans
Our southern neighbour is also gearing up for an election and, given the state of Canadian sovereignty and the possibility of the U.S. economy tanking, the U.S. race may influence Canadians more than our own election. Most people in my circle are following American politics with unprecedented interest.


Bitten by the deal that once fed us

Canadians should hope for an Obama presidency and the reopening of NAFTA
John McCain's visit to Canada on Friday was a preview of just how important the issue of renegotiating the North American free-trade agreement will be in this fall's U.S. presidential election.


How to prepare for an Alberta provincial election

Tips for political pundits and junkies
For some Albertans, election readiness means looking at the ballot box and saying, "Who are all of these people anyway?" And someone in the next booth might answer back, "Who cares? It's just another boring Provincial election." But here are some tips for the hardcore flacks.