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El Salvador election offers glimpse of a democratic future

Voters choose left-wing government, ending 20-year reign of right-wing party ARENA

On March 21, members of the Edmonton Salvadoran community and supporters heard Salvadoran Guillermo Denaux analyze the political and economic situation of his country. The victory of the FMLN and Funes’ stirring speech calling for reconciliation and the creation of a society that cares for the poor lifted hearts heavy with 30 years of repression, but what about the next days, weeks, months, years?


The “Business Tax”

Behind your purchases lurk hidden ?taxes? that support far more than production costs
Hidden in the price of everything we buy are all the expenses that business incurs, including the expense of rewarding its friends and favourites. Through this hidden “tax,” we support the Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and a host of other business associations, lobby groups and public relations firms.


Reason for hope, this time around?

Changes in the province's demographic could spice up Alberta politics
Since the last provincial election in 2004, Alberta has changed dramatically in a myriad of ways. Some extremists argue that the province is on a steady decline, but it might be more accurate to say that the good change we've seen has been accompanied by negative changes as well—often in equal measure. Most of us have cheered, for instance, the face-lift in Edmonton's downtown core which has revitalized some under-utilized buildings in the district and brought life to the downtown. But we've also noticed the growing numbers of homeless people seeking refuge from the cold in the pedways of Edmonton centre, Calgary's C-train stations, and wherever they can throughout our province.