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Where energy, the environment and economics meet

For those of us who live in cities, or rural areas without oil derricks or sour gas wells, the environmental damage created by the energy sector seems abstract. We go for drives in the country and everything seems hunky-dory. Then, we read the headlines. In Drayton Valley, just 20 minutes from my in-laws' farm, Petenco Resources had a nasty pipeline break that released salt water into a wetland just last year (which they neither reported to Alberta Environment nor cleaned up afterwards). Read more...


Hey, at least activism is cheap!

This summer, when you’re looking for cheap sources of entertainment and socialization, why not consider a little civil participation? It’s a free way to meet like-minded people. It can be fun, liberating and a source of pride. If you’re feeling blue after job loss, under-employment or falling investments, getting out of the house to spend time with others and working towards a common cause can be empowering. Read more...