Winter 2009 | Vol. 12, No. 1


Economy and politics

Free Market Farce

Our economic system is supposedly underpinned by economist Adam Smith's supply- and-demand principles. The modern incarnation of this philosophy is the corporation, which is relentlessly promoted by our political, economic, and media elites as the embodiment of the free market. Read more...

Alberta Up Close


Emissions thicken the air in Alberta

The tar sands' biggest customer has second thoughts

As tar sands extraction expands full steam ahead, a perfect storm of internal and external opposition could derail some of the voracious growth at the world?s largest energy project. Read more...


The long road to wildlife recovery in Alberta

Man-made roads continue to threaten species

As Alberta becomes increasingly fragmented by industrial access, roads will play an enormous part in the future of wildlife, both endangered and common. Access management is increasingly being recognized as one essential tool in the management of species at risk. But it is important to keep in mind the whole picture. Read more...


Clubhouse movement helps Albertans with mental illness

Recreation-focused centre improve recovery rates, access to social services

A whopping 27 per cent of Canadians living with a mental illness are in need of adequate, suitable and affordable housing, which is double the rate of the general population. Clubhouses assist with housing issues, advocating for safe and affordable homes for people with mental illness. Read more...


The “Business Tax”

Behind your purchases lurk hidden ?taxes? that support far more than production costs

Hidden in the price of everything we buy are all the expenses that business incurs, including the expense of rewarding its friends and favourites. Through this hidden “tax,” we support the Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and a host of other business associations, lobby groups and public relations firms. Read more...

Economy and politics

Lefty Liberals?

Conservative biases have confused our use of the term

Barack Obama?s choice of Wall Street insiders for financial advice and his plans for an Afghanistan troop surge should remind us not to conflate "liberal" with "left-wing progressive." Read more...

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