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What's New at the Parkland

February 2010

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Parkland op-eds and media links

Parkland Institute's ongoing work on the provincial budget and our Remaking Alberta conference have meant that our organization has had a tremendous media presence over the course of the past ten days. Here are two recent op-eds—one from the Lethbridge Herald by Parkland research associate Shannon Phillips that ran before the budget, and the other by Parkland's Ricardo Acuna and Diana Gibson which ran after the provincial budget. On our In the Media page, we include some links to other media reports and appearances by Parkland staff and researchers (you can filter by mentions just to see these). We hope you enjoy them.

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Remaking Alberta conference this weekend!

We wanted to send you a reminder that this Friday and Saturday is the Alberta Federation of Labour / Parkland Institute conference Remaking Alberta: Recession Alternatives for an Alberta that Works. With the Alberta budget, which will be delivered this afternoon, largely expected to deliver across the board cuts to the programs and services Albertans rely on, Remaking Alberta will provide an opportunity to discuss some of the alternatives that the government continues to ignore. Asbjorn Wahl will share his experiences in Norway fighting to defend the advances of the public sector, and numerous local activists and academics will share their research and front-line experiences.

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Parkland release and new op-ed

We have two new items for you today: First, a new fact sheet, "More than Nickels and Dimes," which demonstrates that Albertans spend more out-of-pocket for critical services than other Canadians. Second, an op-ed by Greg Flanagan in yesterday's edition of the Edmonton Journal, explaining how the Alberta provincial government is currently facing a revenue problem rather than a spending problem. The full text of the op-ed is here.

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