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Op-eds | March 29, 2010

The perils of corporatized water

As the City of Winnipeg moves forward with its plan to corporatize Winnipeg’s water and waste department, city residents would do well to look at the experience in Edmonton since the amalgamation of that city’s water and electrical utilities under the corporate banner of Epcor back in the 1990s.

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Op-eds | February 06, 2010

Alberta families pay most in Canada for health, education, and utilities

Albertans are waiting for the provincial budget next week, when it is expected the Conservative government will be cutting health, education, and community services in ways we have not seen since the early 1990s. But Albertans will not just be bracing for larger classes, longer emergency room waits, or fewer services for vulnerable people. Budget cuts also mean families will see more of their take-home pay get eaten up by fees for public services, when we already pay more than any other Canadians for health care, education, child care, and home utilities.

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Op-eds | January 18, 2009

Gold Bar proposal much more than just a harmless ‘transfer’

Edmontonians are being told that the proposed sale of the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant to Epcor is a trifling detail. Edmontonians should stop for a moment to think about the consequences of such a sale.

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