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For Immediate Release | September 19, 2013

New report: Results-based Budgeting not likely to improve service delivery

More likely to result in bloated bureaucracy and to be used to justify cuts and privatization

A new report by the Parkland Institute finds that Alberta’s implementation of Results-based Budgeting (RBB) is driven by ideology, and will not yield the promised results of more effective and efficient service delivery.

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For Immediate Release | February 28, 2013

A majority of Albertans support a return to progressive taxation

New report shows that fair and progressive taxes could solve Alberta’s fiscal woes

A new report released this morning by the U of A’s Parkland Institute says that the solution to Alberta’s current fiscal woes, and to growing inequality in the province, lies in an increase in corporate taxes and a return to a progressive tax system—a move that a majority of Albertans would support.

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Op-eds | January 29, 2013

Beyond the headlines

What the Fraser Institute report really says about public sector compensation

The Fraser Institute this past week released a study comparing public and private sector compensation (wages and non-wage benefits) in Alberta. Release of the report is clearly meant to influence public debate about the province’s deficit leading up to the March budget.

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Op-eds | February 11, 2010

“Robbing Peter to pay Paul”

Health funding hike comes at expense of other essential services

Although initial reaction to the provincial budget by pundits and media focused on the increase in spending overall and to health spending and infrastructure in particular, a deeper look at the numbers reveals the real price of those increases and raises serious concerns about long-term fiscal management in this province. In short, Budget 2010 is an exercise in robbing Peter to pay Paul. The increases to health care and infrastructure funding were financed by over $1.7 billion in cuts to other areas, and the elimination of at least 800 public service jobs.

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Op-eds | February 06, 2010

Alberta families pay most in Canada for health, education, and utilities

Albertans are waiting for the provincial budget next week, when it is expected the Conservative government will be cutting health, education, and community services in ways we have not seen since the early 1990s. But Albertans will not just be bracing for larger classes, longer emergency room waits, or fewer services for vulnerable people. Budget cuts also mean families will see more of their take-home pay get eaten up by fees for public services, when we already pay more than any other Canadians for health care, education, child care, and home utilities.

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Op-eds | February 03, 2010

Revenue the real problem

Now's the time to dip into 'rainy-day' fund, avoid raising taxes

We are on the eve of more budget destruction in Alberta. The recent appointment of Ted Morton as Minister of Finance signals a further move in the direction of budget cuts as indicated by his statements that the “all-you-can-eat buffet” of public services is about to end.

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