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Op-eds | February 23, 2015

Opinion: Klein’s policies got us into this mess

Budget cuts of 1990s did lasting damage

It’s curious how the proponents of the “cut first and ask questions later” approach to provincial budgeting continue trying to spread the myth Ralph Klein’s cuts in the 1990s were necessary, and that somehow Alberta and Albertans are better off because of them. It’s as if they believe that singing the same refrains over and over will make them true. But the reality is that these claims are as false today as they were back in 1993.

by Ricardo Acuña | read more »

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Op-eds | January 29, 2013

Beyond the headlines

What the Fraser Institute report really says about public sector compensation

The Fraser Institute this past week released a study comparing public and private sector compensation (wages and non-wage benefits) in Alberta. Release of the report is clearly meant to influence public debate about the province’s deficit leading up to the March budget.

Parkland Institute | read more »

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For Immediate Release | February 03, 2010

New research shows Albertans pay the highest out-of-pocket costs for services

A new fact sheet released this morning by the U of A’s Parkland Institute shows that Albertans are paying more than other Canadians for critical public services.

Parkland Institute | read more »

Download the statement

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