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Op-eds | May 11, 2012

Way forward for Greece is unclear

But perhaps a new Greece - a new world - is being born

It is election night in Greece. Television stations are filled with talking heads examining the entrails of what has happened. In the Plaka, the capital’s old tourist area, shops are closed, but the restaurants are open for the few tourists, though the mood subdued.

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For Immediate Release | November 07, 2011

Edmonton conference to look at how workers are fighting back against attacks on their rights and dem

The past year has seen numerous attacks on public services, democracy, and the rights of workers all under the guise of austerity and with the economic crisis as a backdrop.  We have also seen mass mobilizations and organized actions in response to these attacks

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Op-eds | January 25, 2009

Solution to our economic woes lies in boosting wages of workers

Easing social inequality, not tax cuts and credit, the key to recovery

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is said to be contemplating a mix of infrastructure spending and tax cuts in his upcoming budget, while also pressuring banks to loosen their purses. The fact is that all three fail to recognize the role social inequality has played in the current economic crisis.

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Tagged with: economics | inequality | neoliberalism | spending cuts | stimulus | tax cuts | wages


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