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Op-eds | July 02, 2013

Why Alberta should avoid another bitumen boom

A government that doesn't learn from its mistakes is bound to repeat them. Case in point: Alberta's provincial government, which refuses to alter its regulatory approach to the tarsands.

by David Campanella | read more »

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Op-eds | March 01, 2013

Fairness is found in equality, progressive taxation

In response to analysis by the Parkland Institute and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives of new Statistics Canada data, the Calgary Herald published an editorial that was misleading and misguided. The data revealed some startling facts: virtually all of the wealth created in Alberta over the last three decades went to the top income bracket.

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For Immediate Release | February 28, 2013

A majority of Albertans support a return to progressive taxation

New report shows that fair and progressive taxes could solve Alberta’s fiscal woes

A new report released this morning by the U of A’s Parkland Institute says that the solution to Alberta’s current fiscal woes, and to growing inequality in the province, lies in an increase in corporate taxes and a return to a progressive tax system—a move that a majority of Albertans would support.

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Op-eds | February 22, 2013

Alberta has a new export: the petroleum trap

Recent statements by federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty that the government’s budget plans have been thrown into disarray by a decline in Alberta’s oil revenues should come as no surprise. The differential between the North American benchmark price for crude and the price Alberta gets for its thicker brand of oil has been played up in recent months by the provincial Progressive Conservative government as a major cause of its fiscal woes. Now its federal counterpart is using the same argument to explain its declining revenues.

Parkland Institute | read more »

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Op-eds | January 29, 2013

Beyond the headlines

What the Fraser Institute report really says about public sector compensation

The Fraser Institute this past week released a study comparing public and private sector compensation (wages and non-wage benefits) in Alberta. Release of the report is clearly meant to influence public debate about the province’s deficit leading up to the March budget.

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Tagged with: economics | fraser institute | public services | service cuts
For Immediate Release | January 28, 2013

Alberta is Canada’s most unequal province

and Calgary the most unequal city

Analysis by the Parkland Institute and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives of new data on Canada’s richest 1% shows that Alberta has become the country’s most unequal province and Calgary its most unequal city.  The new data shows that incomes (adjusted for inflation) for the top 1% of Albertan doubled between 1982 and 2010, posting a shocking increase of $320,000.  By comparison, the bottom 90% of Albertans saw their incomes increase by a total of only $3,900 over the same time period.

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Op-eds | October 01, 2012

Elite’s lectures on free lunches often spiced with hypocrisy

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” It’s a common enough slogan. You may have heard it today — perhaps even over lunch.

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Op-eds | February 22, 2012

It’s time Alberta stopped giving away its oil

The Alberta government’s new budget is laudable for its commitment to providing stability to education and health-care funding, and for its reinvestments in some areas of social services, notably increased payments to AISH recipients.

Parkland Institute | read more »

Tagged with: economics | energy policy | Heritage Savings Trust Fund | royalties
For Immediate Release | February 23, 2011

New research shows infrastructure spending is not out of control

EDMONTON – In advance of the release of the 2011 Alberta Budget, one which will certainly include a significant amount of infrastructure spending, the Parkland Institute has released a new fact sheet demonstrating that infrastructure spending in Alberta is not out of control, and that in fact more is needed.

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Tagged with: Alberta budget 2011 | economics | infrastructure
For Immediate Release | October 21, 2009

Breaking the Myth

Alberta's spending is mediocre at best

EDMONTON—A new briefing document released this morning by the Parkland Institute at the University of Alberta debunks the myth that Alberta is the biggest spender in the country.  In fact, on total government spending per capita Alberta placed fourth out of all the provinces in the 2008-2009 fiscal year.

Parkland Institute | read more »

Tagged with: economics | political myths | spending cuts
For Immediate Release | April 19, 2009

Instead of cuts, Liepert should increase health spending

Delisting services boosts costs for businesses, consumers; threatens economy

Alberta Health Minister Ron Liepert has been very economical with the truth on the health-care budget. He picked one of the few lines in the budget that is up, while the overall budget for Health and Wellness has actually been cut. While nations around the world are increasing spending to counter the recession, Alberta is cutting. As part of its stimulus plan, China announced it would spend $123 billion by 2011 to establish universal health care for the country’s 1.3 billion people, on the premise that spending would put more money directly in Chinese consumers’ pockets. Even the United States, so infamous for its poor health care, has anted up for increased health spending this year.

Parkland Institute | read more »

Tagged with: economics | healthcare | stimulus
Op-eds | January 25, 2009

Solution to our economic woes lies in boosting wages of workers

Easing social inequality, not tax cuts and credit, the key to recovery

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is said to be contemplating a mix of infrastructure spending and tax cuts in his upcoming budget, while also pressuring banks to loosen their purses. The fact is that all three fail to recognize the role social inequality has played in the current economic crisis.

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