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Mentions | November 18, 2010

Starting the debate

Margaret Atwood and the Parkland Institute tear up Canadian mythology to write a new one

At last year’s Copenhagen climate conference Canada was perceived in international media as obstructionist procrastinators and was the recipient of not one but two international pranks. The YES Men, pranksters-at-large, decided Canada wasn’t making the right decisions on climate change and made an announcement for Environment Canada, changing national climate policy to curb emissions and start a climate debt fund for the developing world.

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For Immediate Release | March 25, 2009

Yesterday’s fuel, yesterday’s deal

Petro-Canada, taken over by Suncor, pushes to deliver more fossil fuels when the world is moving to renewables

Suncor’s proposed buyout of Petro-Canada is being touted as a match made in Canada to create a national champion that will kick-start the oil sands. Paula Simons of the Edmonton Journal bet that Pierre Trudeau’s ghost was smirking somewhere to see his dream realized.  Should advocates of Canadian energy security, domestic control and transitioning to a conserver society throw confetti at the corporate wedding?

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For Immediate Release | October 10, 2008

Eastern Canada vulnerable to oil shortages

New Report Calls for Canada to Set Up Strategic Petroleum Reserves

Canada is currently the most vulnerable country in the industrial world to short-term oil supply crises, and we need to establish strategic petroleum reserves to remedy the problem. This is the key finding of a report released today by Alberta’s Parkland Institute in conjunction with the Polaris Institute.

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