Op-eds | February 25, 2011

Tories’ gross fiscal mismanagement sells Albertans short:

Government focuses on spending without beefing up available revenues

On the same day that Alberta’s provincial budget was released to the public, oil briefly hit over $103 per barrel. Third-quarter results from the oil patch revealed a doubling or tripling of profits in that sector. And despite the economic downturn in 2009, that year was the second most profitable Alberta’s oilsands operators had ever seen.

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For Immediate Release | February 23, 2011

New research shows infrastructure spending is not out of control

EDMONTON – In advance of the release of the 2011 Alberta Budget, one which will certainly include a significant amount of infrastructure spending, the Parkland Institute has released a new fact sheet demonstrating that infrastructure spending in Alberta is not out of control, and that in fact more is needed.

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Op-eds | February 07, 2011

Wildrose leader’s private model a flawed remedy for health care

News of Ed Stelmach eventually stepping down as premier raises a variety of questions about the direction of policy in Alberta, no less so with the government being seriously challenged by the Wildrose Alliance from further right on the ideological spectrum.

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