For Immediate Release | March 25, 2009

Yesterday’s fuel, yesterday’s deal:

Petro-Canada, taken over by Suncor, pushes to deliver more fossil fuels when the world is moving to renewables

Suncor’s proposed buyout of Petro-Canada is being touted as a match made in Canada to create a national champion that will kick-start the oil sands. Paula Simons of the Edmonton Journal bet that Pierre Trudeau’s ghost was smirking somewhere to see his dream realized.  Should advocates of Canadian energy security, domestic control and transitioning to a conserver society throw confetti at the corporate wedding?

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Op-eds | March 09, 2009

Oil and gas incentives deliver poor return:

Funds for health, schools would create more jobs

The government is right to be looking for ways to revitalize the economy and encourage job creation during the current economic chaos. The question Albertans should be asking, however, is whether investing $5 billion in the oil and gas sector is the best way to encourage investment and create new jobs in Alberta.

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