For Immediate Release | September 18, 2008

Aging Boomers Will Not Cause Crisis in Health Care Affordability:

New Report Calls on Alberta to Improve Services for Seniors Today

Alberta’s aging baby boomers will not make public health care unaffordable or unsustainable. This is the key finding of a report released today by the University of Alberta’s Parkland Institute.

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For Immediate Release | September 17, 2008

Canada prohibited from cutting gas and oil exports to the U.S. - even if we experience shortages

Despite the fact that we are running out of natural gas, and that we import 49% of the oil we consume, NAFTA dictates that Canada’s government cannot reduce the percentage of oil and gas we now export to the United States even in times of domestic shortages. A new report released today by the University of Alberta’s Parkland Institute and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) says that the only solution to this and other potential scenarios is for Canada to pull out of NAFTA’s ‘proportionality’ clause.

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