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Parkland Fall Conference 2014 People Vs. Profiteers: Demanding Justice and Equity
Parkland Fall Conference 2014

Our 18th Annual Fall Conference will address questions of:

1) why, at a time of remarkably wealth production, the money seems to be skewing in very particular directions and away from many groups (full-time, part-time, casual workers; women and minorities; the abjectly poor and disabled outside altogether of labour markets, etc.) and towards a small minority;

and 2) what can and should be done about it.

Keynote speakers: Guy Standing

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Parkland Fall Conference 2013 Facts, Fictions, and the Politics of Truth
Parkland Fall Conference 2013

The control, suppression, and manipulation of information are playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of our society. Are we seeing the death of evidence-based decision-making? Are governments and the media spinning existing information to bring us on-side with their neoliberal project? Is our personal information being used to manipulate what we believe and what we buy? Join us as we tackle these and many other questions at our fall conference.

Keynote speakers: Chris Hedges, Michael Geist

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Petro, Power, and Politics
Parkland Fall Conference 2012

What does it mean to live and work in a province so dependent on oil and gas?

Keynote speakers:

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Class Dismissed: Capital's war on workers and democracy
Parkland Fall Conference 2011

The conference will explore the current attack on workers and unions seen in places like the United States and Britain, and look at the warning signs that this anti-public sector worker wave is already on its way to Alberta and Canada.  We will also explore the accompanying attack on democracy and how capital is working to hinder real action to protect our common environment.  As always, we will look at hopeful examples of resistance from places like Wisconsin and North Africa, and see how we in Alberta can learn from those experiences.

Keynote speakers:

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Rewriting a Country: Toward a Just and Peaceful Canada
Parkland Fall Conference 2010

Canada’s political and economic elite want to make Canadian values more closely resemble those of the radical right. They appear to be succeeding.

Keynote speakers:

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Remaking Alberta: Recession Alternatives for an Alberta that Works
Parkland/AFL Conference 2010

Alberta is taking the low road in this recession with budget cuts and public service cuts. What does the highroad looks like for Alberta?

Keynote speakers:

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Crisis and Opportunity: It's Time for a Progressive Economy
Parkland Fall Conference 2009

Last year, Alberta was in a boom—and then the world economy collapsed. What happened? What do we do now? Naomi Klein in her book The Shock Doctrine described how neoliberal regimes around the world have used crises to implement rapid-fire corporate reengineering of societies still reeling from shock. This conference is about providing the information and the ideas that can be used to promote an alternative, better future for the common good.

Keynote speakers:

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The Moral of the Story: Art, Culture, Media and Politics
Parkland Fall Conference 2008

This was a conference about the role of arts, culture and (new) media in political discourse and what it takes to change the way our society generally thinks. The two major questions that were addressed were “Why do we talk about what we talk about?” and “How can ideas with social justice values become the dominant discourse?”

Keynote speakers:

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From Crisis to Hope: Building Just and Sustainable Communities
Parkland Fall Conference 2007

This conference was about consuming less and valuing people more. Our speakers explored the implications of a transition to a post-carbon society and how we can and must make this transition in a way that is built on a foundation of social justice. This conference covered: A Post Carbon Economy, Transportation and Interconnectedness, Governance, Spending Our Time Differently, Where We Live, and What We Eat.


Power for the People
Parkland Fall Conference 2006

This conference, instead of discussing the oil and gas sector in Alberta primarily in terms of economics and the environment, examined this extremely influential sector through the lens of democracy.


The Alberta We Want
Parkland Fall Conference 2005

Building on “Debt Free Alberta” and the centennial celebrations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, this conference looked at both the path Albertans are on at a provincial, federal and global level, and new directions we could go to make Alberta a good place for everyone to live.


Uncommon Dreams: Visions of the Public Good
Parkland Fall Conference 2004

Shortly after the release of Joel Bakan’s film The Corporation, we held this conference on the “Public Good.” This conference included sessions on Public Spaces, Public Security, the Power of the Public, Public Resources, Expanding the Public, Public Interest, Public Services, and more.


Challenging Empire: Citizenship, Sovereignties and Self-determination
Parkland Fall Conference 2003

This conference explored the concept of “empire” and its applicability for the United States, the meaning of Canadian sovereignty alongside the US, and strategies to challenge empire.


Bringing it Home: Reclaiming Democracy
Parkland Fall Conference 2001

This conference, taking place shortly after the 9/11 attacks and the “criminalization of dissent,” covered the crises in all aspects of democracy.


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