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Parkland Institute is proud to co-sponsor

Protecting Alberta’s Water Commons: Challenges and Opportunities

Location: Room 134, Telus Centre, U of A (111 street and 87 avenue, Edmonton)
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We are hearing that:

* Water reservoir levels are dwindling while levels of pollution and ecological imbalance in these waters are rising at an alarming rate
* While global warming relentlessly reduces supply, demand by industry, agriculture, and urban dwellers is rapidly increasing (e.g. the use of water for underground “fracking” for fossil fuels) 
* The pressure on government to make unsustainable water allocations/licenses is growing  
* Our water commons are increasingly under threat of commodification by private interests

What legislation, policy, and guidelines are in place to ensure a sustainable supply of fresh water in Alberta? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these? How can we as citizens participate in protecting Alberta’s water now and for future generations? 

To find answers to these questions, please join the Council of Canadians Edmonton Chapter and our guest speakers:

* Cindy Chiasson - Executive Director, Environmental Law Centre
* Rachel Notley - Environment Critic, Alberta New Democrats
* Shannon Stunden-Bowers - Research Director, Parkland Institute

Presented by the Council of Canadians Edmonton Chapter, co-sponsored by the Parkland Institute.

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