December 01, 2008

Summary of Megan Boler’s Keynote

posted by Ricardo Acuna

Megan Boler's Keynote on Friday night, titled "Reframing the story: media tactics and interventions, digital dissent, and satire," offered an overview of social media practices and how digital media producers and authors use Web 2.0 tools for activism aims and to inject dissent into corporate-owned media landscape. As the summary of her talk describes, "In an age of proliferating media and news sources, who has the power to define reality?

Today, the “social web” - epitomized by blogs, viral videos, and YouTube - creates new pathways for truth to emerge and makes possible new tactics for media activism. What is the appeal of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and “fake news”? How is digital media changing social activist practices?" Just before her talk, Dr.Boler spoke on CBC Radio One in the Edmunton studio with host Rod Kurtz. The audio of her keynote presentation, as well as her powerpoint presentation, are now on-line on her speaker page - Go there!

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