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Regan Boychuk is Public Policy Research Manager for the Parkland Institute. He is based in Calgary, Alberta.

Blog Entries | May 26, 2011

Oilpatch myths cost Albertans dearly

Alberta was blessed with trillions of dollars worth of non-renewable natural resources, but there are a variety of myths clouding the debate over how well the province’s Progressive Conservative governments have been managing that wealth on behalf of citizens.

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Blog Entries | March 14, 2011

Alberta Energy Aiming for the Gutter

What the Progressive Conservative government is saying is that they are dedicated to getting the worst possible return for Albertans on their non-renewable resources.

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Blog Entries | November 28, 2010

Memo to Energy Minister Liepert: Royalties are not taxes

Already “under attack for allegedly being rude and dismissive when he was health minister,” current Energy Minister Ron Liepert conceded he hadn’t read the Parkland Institute’s new report on vast oilpatch profits but that didn’t stop him from dismissing it...

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Blog Entries | November 26, 2010

Responding to government and industry on profits

Parkland released its latest report yesterday morning, detailing the huge scale of oilpatch profits – Misplaced Generosity: Extraordinary profits in Alberta’s oil and gas industry.  Many of the responses from government and industry were predictable – that’s why they were addressed in the report.  Let’s run through the standard excuses offered for the string of royalty cuts Albertans have watched their government hand out over the last two years.

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