Parkland Institute

Who we are

People at the Parkland Institute include our supporters, our board of directors, our research fellows, our volunteers and our staff.


Parkland Institute would not exist without the generosity of our individual and organizational supporters, and our programming and research levels are both dependent upon (and limited by) your support. All donations to the Parkland Institute are tax deductible, and supporters receive discounts to our events and other benefits. Find out more about how you can support Parkland >>

Board of Directors

Our board strives for balanced representation in many areas. Half of Parkland’s board members are academic. They represent the Universities of Alberta, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Athabasca, and also the other colleges of Alberta. The other half of the board include representatives from the community, unions, professional associations, private sector and community organizations. The board also attempts to maintain gender balance and regional representation throughout Alberta. See the Board of Directors list »

Research Fellows

Our research fellows provide broad guidance and feedback on the research and programming Parkland Institute undertakes. See our Research Fellows >>


The Parkland Institute relies upon volunteers to accomplish much of what we do. Volunteers play extremely important roles in such areas as event planning, research promotion, membership and fundraising drives, and school outreach. Learn more about volunteering at Parkland »


The small staff and Director of the Parkland Institute are housed at the University of Alberta. Staffing duties include membership support and fundraising, research and programming coordination. We also employ contract researchers and other specialists as required. Find contacts at the Parkland Institute »

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