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April 23, 2015

Billions Forgone:

The Decline in Alberta Oil and Gas Royalties

April 20, 2015

From Gap to Chasm:

Alberta’s Increasing Income Inequality

April 09, 2015

A Monochrome Political Culture?:

Examining the Range of Albertans' Values and Beliefs

Parkland in the Media

Op-eds | May 7, 2015 | Winnipeg Free Press, A11

Power brokers unwittingly destroyed the Conservative party

by Trevor Harrison
The autopsy into the death of Alberta's PCs has just begun. A host of explanations has already been advanced: the early election call, the television debate, voter anger and the stellar performance of Rachel Notley compared with that of Jim Prentice. There is good forensic evidence in support of all these explanations. But deaths of the sort witnessed Tuesday are also the result of a longer accumulation of causes. Read more »

Mentions | May 04, 2015

Royalty Miscalculation Cost Alberta Billions, Expert Says

'The Tories chose to pretend the big blunder did not happen,' says consultant Jim Roy.

The Alberta government has failed to collect nearly $2.5 billion per year in resource royalties since 2009 due to a major calculation blunder, according to Jim Roy, a private royalty expert who advises governments around the world. Read more »

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For immediate release | April 23, 2015

Royalties Fix Would Eliminate Much of Alberta’s Deficit

At least 40 percent of Alberta’s projected deficit for fiscal year 2015/16 could be eliminated by simply returning to the royalty formulas in place prior to 2009. Read more »

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For immediate release | April 20, 2015

Alberta’s Income Inequality the Worst in Canada

Return to progressive tax would help reverse troubling trend

For immediate release | April 09, 2015

Albertans more politically diverse than Tory streak suggests

Voters values and beliefs don’t fit neatly into left vs. right camps

For immediate release | March 26, 2015

Budget a missed opportunity to fix Alberta’s finances

Op-eds | March 20, 2015 | Edmonton Journal

Opinion: Post-secondary education not premier’s priority

For immediate release | March 19, 2015

Alberta’s Fiscal Problems Not the Result of ‘Overspending’

Op-eds | March 9, 2015 | Edmonton Journal, A15

Opinion: For women, it’s the Alberta Disadvantage

Mentions | March 06, 2015

Media coverage of ‘The Alberta Disadvantage’

For immediate release | March 04, 2015

Alberta Women Hardest Hit by the Alberta ‘Tax Advantage’

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posted Apr 30, 2015

Planks in the platforms: comparing 11 key policy issues

As we enter the final weekend of Alberta election 2015, Parkland Institute compares the platforms of the four major parties on 11 key policy areas.


posted Apr 27, 2015

Making minced meat out of Mintz’s politicized numbers

One of the most frequently cited numbers during this election is the claim that Alberta's economy will shed 9000 jobs for every one percent increase in the corporate tax. But does this claim, made by economist Jack Mintz and repeated by both the Wildrose and Progressive Conservatives, really hold up to scrutiny?


posted Apr 16, 2015

A plan for Alberta’s post-secondary institutions?

Alberta Budget 2015 represents a turning point for post-secondary education funding and governance. Unfortunately, this turn signals the start of a race to the bottom, and the Prentice government’s lack of a coherent vision for the sector.


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